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Reception and Openning

Welcome & Opening Remarks

John Willis Distinguished Researcher kosli

John Willis - Distinguished Researcher at kosli

«Out of the Crisis: What Would Deming Do?»

In 1982, Dr. Edwards Deming published a book called “Out of the Crisis.” dealing with his frustration from the prior decade.

He was 82 years old; he wasn’t writing this as a get-rich management consulting book. Dr.

Deming wrote it as a stark warning for everyone, manufacturing, healthcare, government, and education alike.

Fast forward forty years, and imagine what he would say today if he were alive. Take, for example, the Knight Capital story, about a configuration mistake in a High Frequency Trading (HFT) algorithm that purchased 150 errant stocks in 45 minutes, at a total cost of around $7 billion.

In this presentation, we will look at the Knight Capital incident through some fundamental DevOps principles with the lens of Dr. Demings' System of Profound Knowledge.

Koray Harman DevOps Specialist Splunk

Koray Harman - DevOps Specialist at Splunk

«Digital Resilience & DevOps»

Digital Resilience is an organisation's ability to withstand and recover from any disruption to the technology used in fulfilling key business objectives. In this session we'll look at Digital Resilience more holistically, and explore the role DevOps plays in building a truly resilient business.

Ashley Cheuk Senior Solution Engineer LaunchDarkly

Ashley Cheuk - Senior Solution Engineer at LaunchDarkly

«Go Faster Be Safer»

We often think about speed and danger as being closely related, but we now have empirical proof that faster, smaller releases tend to cause fewer outages and less downtime for our software systems.

How can we take that understanding and use it to build systems that allow for the fallibility of humans and systems? What makes speed safer, how can teams support each other with successful failures, and why do we hold to superstitions about control when we have proof to the contrary?

This talk is for anyone struggling with the tension between quality, speed, and accuracy. Audiences will leave with a new perspective on how small and fast a change can be, and how allowing change makes teams healthier.

This talk also demonstrates several patterns for feature management that allow an organization to increase their speed while reducing their risk


Nigel Wright Senior SRE Lead First AML

Nigel Wright - Senior SRE Lead at First AML

«So you've inherited an infrastructure dumpster fire...»

This talk will discuss what to do when you may have started a new role and been presented with infrastructure as code (Terraform in this purely hypothetical scenario) that may be slightly...questionable. During this session we will talk about how this might have happened, how to manage talking about this in an empathetic manner and how to start to build your way out of the pit of despair!

Ben Ridley Public Sector Solution Architect GitLab

Ben Ridley - Public Sector Solution Architect at GitLab

«The Seamless DevSecOps Journey: Achieving your Security and Compliance needs by Aligning Teams Across the Value Stream.»

With cybersecurity risks on the rise, application security and compliance have become front of mind issues for organisations developing software.

However, introducing security & compliance requirements to the development process can create friction between teams who aren’t aligned, introduce manual handoffs and approvals, and reduce developer innovation and delivery of features that keep your business competitive.

The key to achieving security & compliance outcomes, while maximising velocity, is to understand your software value stream and embrace DevSecOps tools that align teams across the value stream and empower your organisation to automate repetitive tasks and enable each other.

We’ll explore a case study in how GitLab’s DevSecOps platform enabled teams to do what they do best, while still meeting security & compliance goals.

Justin Gould Head of Workplace Engineering MLC Life

Justin Gould

Head of Workplace Engineering

«Say, Stay & Strive - how your organisational culture drives engagement»

After a number of reorganisations in Technology - how we aimed to move the needle using culture to underpin our decisions.

What we aimed for, what we learned along the way and how we can do it better.

Natasha Michael Senior HR Business Partner MLC Life

Natasha Michael

Senior HR Business Partner


Shubh Chatterjee Principal Data Scientist and MLops Lead Sportsbet

Shubh Chatterjee - Principal Data Scientist and MLops Lead at Sportsbet

«The Hard thing about hard things of devops in production ML»

While the CICD in traditional software engineering landscape has been widely loved.

In production Machine learning, it is fighting a war for acceptance. With the unavailability of tooling, cultural fights and lack of standardisation of implementation patterns the CICD wars are next in line for production in Marvel universe.

In this talk we will delve deeper into why deploying traditional CICD principles for a ML pipeline causes so much discomfort and panic and we will also discuss some possible approaches to solve this.

There will be discussions around how we need to evolve our devops practices as we further evolve to Software 2.0.

Katie McLaughlin Senior Developer Relations Engineer Google

Katie McLaughlin - Senior Developer Relations Engineer at Google

«Capabilities for Building High-performing Technology Teams»

Technology drives value and innovation in every organization. At Google Cloud, we have learned a lot about what it takes to build and scale high-performing technology teams. Our own lived experience combined with a multi-year research program led by the DevOps Research and Assessment (DORA) team can be used to help you and your team transform into a high-performing technology team. This talk will dive into some of the findings of the 2022 DORA research program. We will couple these findings with stories from the field about how teams are putting these ideas into practice. There will be success stories and cautionary tales: let’s all learn from one another. Spoiler alert! The best teams focus on getting better at getting better. You can do this, too!

Closing Remarks

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Reception and Openning

Welcome & Opening Remarks

Matty Stratton Director, Developer Relations Aiven

Matty Stratton - Director, Developer Relations at Aiven

«Zero Trust is for Networks, Not Your Teams»

The whole idea of DevOps was about how we could work together better.

But we broke down silos, and instead built new walls. The concept of zero trust has been widely applied to network security, however, it’s not really a great way to think about our teams.

This talk will explore how to foster a culture of trust in organizations, with a focus on outcomes. Leaders and individuals alike play a critical role in establishing and maintaining trust, which is crucial for the success of any team. One key aspect of building a culture of trust is facilitating and growing psychological safety within the team.

This means creating an environment where individuals feel comfortable expressing their opinions, ideas, and concerns without fear of negative consequences.

Moreover, trust is necessary for proper practices of Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) and DevOps, but often organizations lack the right setup to allow for it.

This talk will feature practices inspired from the field of Resilience Engineering as well as proven DevOps approaches, with a focus on how leaders and individuals can create an environment where trust is valued, encouraged, and fostered. Attendees will take away insights and actionable tips to bring back to their teams to create a more resilient and effective organization.

Pas Apicella Principal Solution Engineer Snyk

Pas Apicella - Principal Solution Engineer at Snyk

«Key drivers for a successful Security DevOps practice at scale»

To mitigate software-related security risks, you need to fine-tune your application security program to get the right people involved and ensure the whole SDLC through the software supply chain and its components are all part of that process.

Once considered an afterthought in software design, application security is increasingly top of mind for developers. The way applications are used these days -- accessed over networks/clouds -- invites a variety of potential threats.

Frequent testing and adherence to application security best practices can limit the possibility of unauthorised attacks being used to steal, share or modify sensitive user information.

This talk will address how companies are prioritising their cybersecurity needs, the lessons they have learned, and what the tangible outcomes were for these companies through a series of live demos showing exactly how.

Ashish Kumar Director - Field Engineering

Ashish Kumar - Director - Field Engineering at

«Zero Trust, The Service Mesh Way»

Zero Trust has moved from being a buzzword to one of the key implementation targets for organisations this year, while Service Mesh design principles have a significant overlap with logical components of a zero trust architecture and network access. Combining these two elements, this talk will showcase:
1. Build time vs Runtime/Operational security
2. Why a service mesh is central to your zero trust journey
3. How elements of istio service mesh overlap with logical components of zero trust architecture
4. How to use istio service mesh for compliance of zero trust principles


Pat Shueh VP, Solutions Engineering Zimperium

Pat Shueh - VP, Solutions Engineering at Zimperium

«Where’s the Sec in Mobile DevOps?»

DevSecOps: Balancing development and security.

When companies want to produce a mobile app quickly and add in a security element, costs can escalate and the timeframe can elongate. But if organisations do not follow at least the minimum-security requirements, they can find themselves in a dire position.

Moving forward, trust and accountability must be built into the product. As part of this, security architecture must move beyond the pen test and instead be baked into the process from the very beginning.

During the session, Pat will take you through the best practices of mobile application security, including: Application hardening (obfuscation and anti-tampering), Privacy, security and compliance testing, Cryptographic key protection, Runtime threat visibility and protection.

Darragh Kennedy Director of Engineering Zendesk

Darragh Kennedy

Director of Engineering

«Bringing product culture to the backend»

Building the right thing at the right time can be hard when building complex internal platforms. Hear about how we brought product thinking into our backend engineering teams, pivoted a project to build a more customer focused solution and then what we have gained from an investment in product management expertise.

Liam Norton Senior Engineering Manager Zendesk

Liam Norton

Senior Engineering Manager


Andrew Coulter Head of Engineering - Investment Management Iress

Andrew Coulter - Head of Engineering - Investment Management at Iress

«Windows Containers on the Cloud»

It's 2020, and your company wants to stop owning hardware and re-platform its products to the cloud. But what can you do when your server is a Windows application representing years of development assuming on-prem environments? This talk will look at how Iress re-platformed one of its applications to the cloud using Windows containers, the trials to get there, and the benefits that resulted.
John Willis Distinguished Researcher kosli

John Willis - Distinguished Researcher at kosli

«Investments Unlimited - A Novel»

IT Revolution published a new novel based on The Phoenix Project narrative in September 2022. It’s about an investment bank dealing with DevOps, DevSecOps, and IT Risk. John as co-author of this bestseller will share with the story behind the book and how it was created.

Closing Remarks

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